Texas High Speed Rail and Transportation Corporation

Bringing High Speed Rail to Texas


The Texas T-Bone High-Speed Rail Corridor is a 490-mile corridor that will connect the 16 million Texans living and doing businesses in and between the four largest metropolitan areas in Texas.  Featuring new, completely grade separated, mostly elevated, dual-directional, double tracked rail infrastructure capable of accommodating passenger travel at speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour, the Texas T-Bone represents the future of safe, fast, and efficient transportation in this country.  The Texas T-Bone will serve as a collector/distributor for the State’s major airports, providing seamless connectivity to the State’s future and existing commuter and transit systems, highways, airports, and seaports.

Extending along the federally-designated South Central High-Speed Rail Corridor, the THSRTC vision is to extend the Texas T-Bone north from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex into Oklahoma City and into Tulsa, OK and east from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, generally along the I-30 Corridor, through Franklin and Bowie Counties into North Little Rock, AR and potentially into Memphis, TN.