The Texas High-Speed Rail and Transportation Corporation in 2002 began with a vision for intercity high-speed rail between the major metropolitan areas of the state of Texas including San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth, Dallas and Houston. This network constitutes the main population “triangle” within Texas, and has grown to include Temple-Killeen-Waco-Fort Hood and the growing cities between north of Austin and San Antonio, plus College Station and Laredo.

An early Texas effort at fast trains in the 1990s was awarded a franchise to design, build and operate a high-speed rail line, however it failed for a lack of funding and airline opposition. Another proposal by Amtrak around 2000 did not materialize. THSRTC decided to incorporate in November 2002 and build on these early efforts.

In the 13 years since it started, THSRTC has taken the interest in high-speed rail to a never-before-realized level. Today, the federal government and Texas Department of Transportation are studying three separate routes for true high-speed rail in Texas.

In the private sector, THSRTC has helped spawn a serious effort to connect Houston to Dallas, whose president is a former leader of THSRTC. In addition, THSRTC board members have ridden high-speed trains in Germany, France, Spain, China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, held two important design charrettes in Texas and interviewed and visited many of the prominent companies that design and build high-speed trains worldwide.

Things are happening today that the early founders of THSRTC envisioned, and hoped would happen. Currently, there is a lot of energy building behind the idea of connecting the Fort Worth-Dallas area down to San Antonio, Laredo and on to Monterrey, Mexico.