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Shanghai Keolis Runs First Fully Automated Metro Line in Shanghai

On 31 March 2018, a new fully automated metro line was added to the Shanghai metro network. Shanghai Keolis, a joint venture between the Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co. Ltd. (51 percent) and Keolis Group (49 percent), started operating the Pujiang metro line, the first fully automated metro line in Shanghai. The line comprises 6.7 kilometers of double track and six elevated stations. The seven-year operations and maintenance contract was awarded to Shanghai Keolis two years ago.

The new line is notably a driverless rubber-tire Automated People Mover (APM) system. Designed to serve residents in the district of Minhang (Pujiang town), the line runs along the Sanlu Highway from Huizhen Road Station to Shendu Highway Station where passengers can commute to Shanghai metro line 8.

There are several dynamic features of the APM system which include: short distances between stations, a small turning radius, a lightweight design, reduced noise, as well as fast acceleration and deceleration. The metro line is overseen by an integrated control centre to operate and monitor the trains and stations. The metro line also features an advanced signalling system allowing the trains to operate driverless and enables trains to run every 3 minutes 20 seconds during peak hours and every 6 minutes during weekends.

Bernard Tabary, international CEO at Keolis: “We are very pleased to open the Pujiang metro line. This project is the culmination of strong collaboration with our partner Shanghai Shentong Metro Group. Together, we are able to provide a reliable, efficient and comfortable mode of transport to Shanghai residents and visitors, while taking into account local market conditions. The result is a new showcase for Shanghai’s smart transport system. This milestone reinforces our expertise in operating automated metro systems and our presence in China to better address the increase demand for shared mobility.”

Present in China since 2014, Keolis continues to develop its expertise in intermodal integration and understanding local mobility needs. Since its creation, Shanghai Keolis has been awarded two automated metro projects, the other is the new Automated Rapid Transit Transport System for Shanghai Pudong International Airport, scheduled to be launched in 2019.

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