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FRA to relaunch Railroad Safety Advisory Committee

FRA Administrator Ron Batory

Photo – Progressive Railroading file photo

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) is relaunching the Railroad Safety Advisory Committee (RSAC) after a more than year-long hiatus.

The committee will be re-established with a new charter, which will go into effect two years from the date it's filed with Congress, according to a notice published in the Federal Register.

The RSAC, which provides rail safety recommendations to the FRA administrator, last met in May 2017, according to the committee's website.

Established in 1996, the group is composed of 40 representatives from 29 member organizations representing various rail industry perspectives.

RSAC's membership has included representation from the Association of American Railroads, the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association, the American Public Transportation Association and various labor groups.

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