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DOT’s Fiscal Year 2019 Top Management Challenges

What We Looked At

As required by law, we report annually on the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) most significant challenges to meeting its mission. We considered several criteria in identifying DOT’s top management challenges for fiscal year 2019, including their impact on safety, documented vulnerabilities, large dollar implications, and the ability of the Department to effect change.

What We Found

We identified the following top management challenge areas for fiscal year 2019:

  • Air carrier oversight. Key focus areas: identifying and mitigating risks and balancing collaboration and enforcement.

  • Aviation safety and security. Key focus areas: runway safety, aircraft evacuation, integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, cockpit security, and drug and alcohol testing.

  • Rail safety. Key focus area: railroads’ implementation of positive train control.

  • Highway safety. Key focus areas: oversight of vehicle safety defects and management of vehicle recalls.

  • Surface infrastructure safety and investments. Key focus areas: safety risk mitigation, use of limited infrastructure dollars, and infrastructure investment oversight.

  • National Airspace System modernization. Key focus areas: new flight routes, new capabilities for airspace users, implementation of a new radar system, and oversight of developmental funding.

  • Cybersecurity. Key focus areas: risk management, prevention and response to security incidents, information technology infrastructure, and aviation cybersecurity.

  • Acquisition and grant oversight. Key focus areas: innovative acquisition practices; agency oversight of assets, contracts, and grants; and public-private partnerships.

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