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Walt Disney World Might Be A New Stop for Brightline/Virgin High Speed Rail System

Despite all of the transportation options these days, visitors to Walt Disney World might have an easier way of getting to Orlando International Airport and Tampa if a proposed Brightline stop comes to fruition. Brightline had previously announced plans for a high-speed passenger rail system to run up through Florida, from Miami to Orlando. The end goal was to allow easier travel between these two major metropolitan cities, not only for locals, but for tourists as well. Now, we are hearing reports that Walt Disney World might get in on the action with its own station.

According to ABC’s WFTV Channel 9, “In its public statement to investors, at the bottom of a long list of documents, a map shows Brightline’s current stations in red and its future stations in pink. It includes a route to Tampa with a stop at Disney in between.”

Brightline is no stranger to pushing the envelope. Recently, due to a minority investment from the Virgin Group, Brightline announced that they will be changing their name to Virgin Trains USA. While it is currently working on the Florida connections, the company also has expressed intent to build a rail system between Las Vegas and Southern California.

Before we let ourselves get too excited, it is important to note that Disney hasn’t been interested in other train service projects in the past.

Back in the 1980’s, there were plans for a Maglev train system that included a route from Epcot to I-Drive, as well as to the Orlando International Airport. Disney did not support those plans at the time.

Anyone who has had the joy of riding the Magical Express know that it is a free way to get from Disney Resorts to the Orlando International Airport, however, it is worth noting that this is not available to non-resort guests or those coming from the Tampa area.

As of right now, Brightline’s Florida system runs from Miami to Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. We will keep you posted on any further news regarding this new station and transportation option.

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