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BCS in DC: The fight for I-14 and high-speed rail

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KBTX) - Bryan and College Station are becoming bigger and bigger, attracting more and more people, not to mention industry.

The Chamber of Commerce delegates this week are concerned that B/CS, as a locale, isn’t accessible enough. That’s why they’re asking federal lawmakers to support big transportation projects that would help connect B/CS to the rest of Texas—and beyond.

College Station Mayor Karl Mooney wears an I-14 pin during the delegation trip to D.C. He uses that, and his words, to voice his support for the proposed interstate that could run through Bryan and College Station.

“You have Interstate 10 and you have Interstate 20,” said Mooney, “but going to east to west, there’s nothing in the middle.”

Mooney and Bryan Mayor Andrew Nelson are unified on this front, saying it would bring business to the growing B/CS area.

“There are so many companies that look at your distances from an interstate,” said Nelson.

Chamber president Glen Brewer, who also wears an I-14 pin, says that’s just one part of the plan to better connect the Brazos Valley.

“Chamber of Commerce, we love highways. We love rail. We love high-speed rail,” said Brewer.

And yes, that includes the Texas Central project that’s seen push back from rural landowners outside of B/CS.

“Our Chamber is definitely supportive of high-speed rail, and right now, Texas Central is the company that’s doing it,” said Brewer, “so we’re going to support their efforts to get that done.”

In fact, David Hagy of Texas Central is part of this week’s chamber delegation.

“Our station in the Brazos Valley is going to better connect the whole Brazos Valley to all the medical centers, businesses, universities in Dallas and Houston,” said Hagy.

“Really enhancing that economic development message.”

As for I-14, Rep. Bill Flores (R-District 17) says Congress is working on the infrastructure bill that would fund the project. But first, a step rather important to Bryan-College Station.

“We need to get Bryan-College Station to have a particular designation as part of the I-14 project,” said Flores. “We’re going to get that done, and we should get that done in the next couple of weeks.”

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