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City of Teague Board of Aldermen issued a Resolution opposing the Texas Central High-Speed Railway proposed rail line as it would bisect Freestone County. It is stated in the Resolution that Texas Central does not have eminent domain authority under current law and eminent domain would be necessary to complete the line. Multiple reasons are listed in the Resolution, including: –The proposed rail line would negatively impact property values, cause delays for emergency vehicles and prevent direct travel across the region. –Public and Private Roads would be cut off and farmers and ranchers would have issues accessing their property. –The trains will substantially reduce values and possible uses of adjoining property due to noise levels and disturbances caused by frequent passing of trains. –The proposed alignment presents serious safety concerns including: rail buckling, derailment, electromagnetic interference with freight rail, and concerns regarding proximity to natural gas facilities. –Expense and inconvenience of the proposed rail line would be unlikely to generate sufficient passenger traffic to pay for itself, and may require future public subsidy. –The Surface Transportation Board and the 87th District Court of Leon County have recently issued decisions against the Texas Central High-Speed Rail Project. This Resolution is in full force and effect from and after its passage and approval, and the Board of Alderman urges other stakeholders to voice their opposition. The resolution passed at the Monday, September 16th, 2019 meeting. A resolution is a formal statement of the will of an official.

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